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Privacy Policy

We care about your health

In Nivo projects, we prioritize your health in all details. Nivos, which are located right next to big health centers with their central locations, are designed to meet all your health needs.

Some of the health institutions within a diameter of 5 kms from Nivo Istanbul:

  • Dr. Sadi Konuk Research Hospital
  • Bahçelievler State Hospital
  • Bağcılar Training and Research Hospital
  • Istanbul Physical Therapy Center
  • Acıbadem Hospital Atakent
  • Medipol Hospital Nisa

Some of the health institutions within a diameter of 5kms from Nivo Ataköy:

  • Bahçelievler State Hospital
  • Dr. Sadi Konuk Research Hospital
  • Acıbadem Hospital Bakırköy
  • Memorial Hospital Bahçelievler
  • Meltem Hospital
  • Yaşar Hospital

Nivo Istanbul project, which is a candidate for Leed Gold Certificate, is designed to meet all health needs of its residents.

The interior roads, pavements, stairs, and elevators of the project are designed in such a way that ambulances can easily reach and stretchers or wheelchairs can pass through in case of emergency health needs.

Thanks to the multifunctional structure of Nivo projects, you can provide for your house, work, social life and all similar needs by keeping your social distance in the project.

Shopping Street prioritizes your and your loved ones health along with the shopping opportunities that the concept offers outdoors.

The management of our projects covering all details such as health and safety is carried out by the expert Atalian Facility Management with its international experience.

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